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HOST – or Helping Our Students Travel – is designed to help medical students save money and create IU Alumni connections during your travel for educationally related purposes, including residency interviews. We pair you with IU alumni to provide overnight accommodations on your interview or trip away from home. If you already have lodging, HOST can pair you with a local alumni mentor who you can meet with while on your trip.

When there is a successful match with an alumni host, students and alumni have benefitted in the past from:

  • Free housing and/or meals in either alumni’s residence or local accommodations
  • Local insight on the medical community from IUSM Alumni
  • Networking connections with Indiana University alumni and colleagues
  • Developing mentor relationships and networks with physicians and IU alumni in your future city

HOST can assist you in finding lodging and mentoring in the following cities:

Ann Arbor, MI Louisville, KY
Cincinnati, OH Milwaukee, WI
Cleveland, OH Palo Alto, CA
Columbus, OH Philadelphia, PA
Dallas, TX Rochester, MN
Durham, NC San Diego, CA
Houston, TX St Louis, MO

Let the Office of Alumni Relations connect students and alumni to enhance the IUSM educational programs through HOST!

If you are interested in participating in HOST, complete either the Student Host Process or Alumni Host Process below. If you have additional questions, contact Nolan Ryan at 317-274-6588 or by email at

Student HOST Process

  • Step 1 - Complete your HOST Program Profile.
  • Step 2 - Once you have your travel dates, complete your Travel Requests.
  • Step 3 - The Alumni Office will email you once a match has been made with your alumnus' contact information.
  • Step 4 - Contact your alumnus with details of your schedule.
  • Step 5 - Enjoy your trip.
  • Step 6 - Complete the evaluation and thank you note.

Alumni HOST Process

  • Step 1 - Complete your Alumni Interest Form.
  • Step 2 - The Alumni Office will contact you if an IUSM Student is traveling in your area.
  • Step 3 - Once a match has been made, the Alumni Office will introduce you to the student through email.
  • Step 4 - The IUSM Student will contact you with details of their schedule.
  • Step 5 - Host the student.
  • Step 6 - Complete the Evaluation.

Alumni Interest Form

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Yes, I am interested in participating in HOST
No, I am not interested in participating in HOST

The Indiana University Alumni Association is working to update the business information of our alumni to better understand where our alumni are currently employed. Please take a moment to fill out the below information so we can update our records. Thank you.